Our Beliefs

What it means to be Presbyterian: http://www.theocademy.com/lessons-for-new-members/

What does it mean to be Ordained?  http://www.theocademy.com/lessons-for-ruling-elders-and-deacons/

We are
      a congregation
        of believers
            who are called:

  • To worship the Lord Jesus Christ joyfully, in fresh and uplifting ways.
  • To love each other with a Godly love.
  • To be genuinely hospitable to those who visit.
  • To be a people committed to growing spiritually as individuals and as a church.
  • To be a presence for Christ, In and outside of the four walls of the church
  • To reach out to the less fortunate of our community and our world.
  • To be a people of the Book, providing for the education of young and old alike.


We believe in
God the sovereign, omnipotent ruler over all creation, the source of all things seen and unseen, who is ever present, before, now and always in our hearts, minds and souls. God is the only living and one true God, the great I AM, one in nature yet existing in three distinct persons: Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer.

We believe God
calls us into a covenant relationship and loves us as a parent, traditionally called Father. In the life-giving relationship with God, we strive to worship God, and God alone is worthy of it.

We believe God
created us in God’s image, perfect in every way, adopting us as children wanting to give us everything to nourish and feed us both spiritually and physically. We chose to believe that we could be God-like and rebelled, becoming disobedient and sinful children. We sin against each other, against the earth entrusted to our stewardship, and against ourselves; ultimately the sins are against God.  We cannot, through our own efforts, stop sinning. 
We believe that
we cannot achieve either our own perfection or our own salvation. It is only by   God’s grace, great mercy, love and faithfulness through Jesus Christ that we   come to God. We respond to God’s love   and God’s call, initiated by the Holy Spirit by loving God fully, our  neighbors as ourselves and by spreading God’s word—of love, of peace, and of  justice.

 We believe in
Jesus the Christ, the only son, redeemer, our Lord and savior, fully God and fully human, the incarnation of the eternal Word made flesh. Jesus is the gift of God’s reconciling act to bring us back into a right relationship with God. Jesus is Prophet, Priest and King, born of a virgin, living amongst us as one of us, perfect and sinless in truth and grace. He died, in perfect and complete obedience as the atonement for our sins, and was resurrected assuring us victory over sin and death, creating in us a new life both now and eternally.

Jesus continues to show us the way to live  when we read the Bible, and when we talk to him. Talking to Jesus is called “prayer”, and it is nothing more than chatting with our best friend.  When we talk to Jesus, we can trust him never to betray us, always to forgive us, and never to turn his back on us. Jesus is our Lord and Savior. He is our Lord because he directs our steps and our lives. He is our Savior because he died and rose from the dead for the forgiveness of our sins. He is our best friend, our guardian, and our God.

Jesus said to Thomas,  “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you know me, you will know my Father also. From now on you do know him and have seen him.” (John 14: 6, 7) With those words the Bible makes it clear that Jesus is the Son of God.

God sent Jesus into the world so that children, women, and men would be able to see God, to understand God, and to find it easier to come to know God. Jesus existed  before time and before the creation of the world as the Word of God. In the Father’s own time, The Word was sent as a baby, born in a manger. The baby was called “Jesus”, which means “Deliverer”. As the baby grew and became an adult, Jesus grew more and more in favor with God and with humankind. When he grew up  to be a man, Jesus was ready to enter into his time of public ministry: teaching and healing, preaching and loving. But Jesus’ ministry and all that he stood for brought him into conflict with the secular and religious powers of his day. He represented God’s judgment upon the way that the world did things. Eventually, the powers of this world rose up and put him to death on the Cross because Jesus would not sell out who he was and is.  When Jesus died, he did so by his own choice. He died so that our sins would be forgiven. Jesus loves us so much that he was even willing to endure the pain and the shame of the Cross for our salvation.
We believe in
the Holy Spirit, a gift promised to us, sent by God who had pity on us, as attested to by Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is the great comforter and sustainer, inspirer and challenger, renewer of life. The Holy Spirit is God present in our hearts and lives calling and binding us to Christ. By the power of the Holy Spirit we seek to understand, love, follow, obey, surrender, be fed and submit to God’s authority and love.

We believe the
scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the final authority and rule of  our faith and in our life. They are both unique and authoritative in bearing true and faithful witness to Jesus the Christ. Although written by people in different times, places and cultures, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we continue to be illumined in our understanding of God’s living Word.
We believe that
God called the one Holy and Apostolic church into being providing all that it needs to witness and worship, inside and outside its four walls. Christ, as head of the Church, calls us to serve through mission and discipleship reflecting God’s love and showing our love, our loyalty and our joyful obedience in all that we are and do upwardly, inwardly, and outwardly. The church is the community through which God is known and experienced in the world. Jesus calls us to participate and act with all of our sisters and brothers as his disciples, being part of the Body of Christ, in the priesthood of all believers.
We believe that
God’s blessings abound in and around us as we celebrate the sacraments of which  there are two: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We use the common signs of water, bread and wine as visible signs and seals of God’s invisible grace, instituted by God, commended by Jesus and mediated by the Holy Spirit. 
In Baptism we are cleansed and renewed in Christ, our sins washed away. We are regenerated, engrafted and adopted once and for all time.

In the Lord’s Supper our souls are fed by the flesh and blood of Christ in the same way that bread and wine keep and sustain physical life.  By eating the bread we participate in the body of Christ; in the cup we participate in his blood both penetrating into our body and souls. The meal strengthens, nourishes, refreshes and invigorates us and yet how it does this still remains a mystery. We remember that only in the selfless act by Jesus’ death and resurrection that we are saved and assured of God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ and joyfully participate in his life.
We believe that
Jesus will come again for us, in a day and hour we do not know and in a way we cannot imagine. We joyfully participate with him and with each other, as members of the Body of Christ. We experience a glimpse of the messianic banquet reconciled with each other and with God, to be God’s people in the world eagerly and prayerfully anticipating God’s judgment and the establishment of God’s kingdom as we say,

”Come Lord Jesus!”

   October 2018   
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